Ageing Process

There are four factors that influence ageing:

1. Premature cognitive commitments
2. Exercise
3. Nutrition
4. Toxins

Premature cognitive commitments

We become committed to a certain reality of ageing. People grow old and die because they see others grow old and die. The collective mindset of what ageing is supposed to be creates our perspective of what being old is and we become this.

Accepting its biological expression. Sensory experience is programmed into the cns and subsequent perceptions reinforce what we now hold to be true.

Reality: infinite possibilities coexisting at any one time. We can reinterpret reality because we are not the thought but the thinker of the thought.

We have choice and to change things we should: recognise our precognitive commitments. Change ourselves which changes society which ultimately produces a change in collective consciousness.

Awareness is a field of energy and information. It is the minds faculty for having thought before thought is actually present. Retaining awareness is the mark of non ageing. Giving it up in favour of habits,rituals,rigid beliefs and outworn behaviour is the mark of ageing.

Life is awareness in action. There is an assumption that growing old is something that happens to people.

Now we are seeing that growing old is something that social conditioning taught our bodies to do. If ageing is something that is happening to you, then basically you are a victim. But if ageing is something you learnt, you are in a position to unlearn the behaviour that is making you age, adopt new beliefs and be guided into new opportunities. Our inherited expectation that the body must wear out over time, coupled with deep beliefs that we are fated to suffer, grow old and die, creates the biological phenomenon we call ageing.

Get adjusted to reset your brain perception and switch on your proprioceptive input into a new healthy living!! Belief creates biology” norman cousins Read the book from bruce lipton “ biology of belief”

Negative factors that accelerates ageing:

  • Depression
  • Lack of regular daily exercises
  • Lack of regular work routine
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Inability to express emotions

Positive factors that retard ageing:

  • Happy marriage or satisfying long term relationship
  • Job satisfaction Feeling of personal happiness
  • Regular daily routine
  • Regular work routine.

Flanders Dunbar’s 1957 study on fit and healthy pre-centenarians; responding creatively to change (the most important findings) freedom from anxiety. The continued ability to create and invent High levels of adaptive energy. A capacity to integrate new things into ones existence. Wanting to stay alive.

The greatest threat to life and health is having nothing to live for. In place of the belief that your body decays with time, nurture the belief that your body is new at every moment. In place of the belief that your body is a mindless machine. Nurture the belief that our body is infused with deep intelligence of life, whose sole purpose is to sustain you.