Examination / Analysis

NEURO-PROCARE PROTOCOL encompasses a multi-dimensional approach to a unique system of techniques and knowledge in functional neurology, biomechanics, kinesiology, functional biochemistry, HEALING techniques in chiropractic and other healing arts.
My protocol involves more than 200 systems of TECHNIQUES.
INSTRUMENTATION on the day of initial visit like EMG (electromyogram), thermal imaging, heart rate variability, gonstead nervoscope readings, delta T instrument, muscle testing, palpation, motion palpation, spinal cord soft tissue tension and dural meningeal tension tests, sacro-occipital technique analysis, coherent light biophoton test, allergy testing and electromagnetic vials testing, neurotransmitters electomagnetic vials analysis, hypothalamus-thalamus test, neuro-emotional and psychoneurobiology ART testing. GONSTEAD X-RAYS ANALYSIS IF REQUIRED.
Chiropractic is an ART, which means the skills required to excel depends on a gift and loads of experience in learning and developing individual skills in many system of techniques… the philosophy is simple: To reset lost functions due to various stresses and reboot inherent recuperative powers through adjustive procedures and finding natural remedies or supplements to help the patient to maximise his percentage of health function.
Proper guidance to avoid the wrongdoing or wrong thinking.
Subconscious and unconscious issues could be addressed if it shows up whilst being adjusted and reprogrammed.
Functional biochemistry aims to restore normal function using nutritional and natural medicine intervention, in contrast, pharmaceutical medicine generally designed to block normal biochemical function and is therefore symptomatic in approach. Functional biochemistry is an evolving aspect of applied kinesiology founded by Dr George Goodheart some 40 years ago.
Applied kinesiology is a diagnostic tool using the manual muscle test to evaluate the motor response of the central nervous system to a sensory challenge.
Sensory receptors:
  • Mechanoreceptors 90%
  • Nociceptors (pain receptors)
  • Thermal receptors
  • Chemoreceptors (ie carotid body with co2)
Receptors are present in:
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Joints Mouth (gustatory)
  • Nose (offactory)
  • Eyes (visual)
  • Ears (auditory)
  • Skin (touch, temperature, vibration and electromagnetic) 



The cranial spinal meningeal membranes of the nervous system where C.S.F. (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) circulates.

The power that made the body heals the body, within us lies: The recuperative power of the body/mind to heal, and I would say the restoration of health with reprogramming a bio-computer is the key of the vision of adjusting the various levels of human beings.
The nerve interference complex and the subluxated state where oneself has a very stressed nervous system has many theory attached to it. This would give proper reasoning for normal chiropractic care to be found and for an advanced protocol like Neuroprocare to be given as well.
There is the notion that an inborn wisdom has created our cells to divide from one cell to trillions and multiply to make an embryon to a foetus, to become the man and woman we all are.
This inborn wisdom regulates every functions of the body through our subconscious nervous system. It is a complex network at data of stimuli that have occurred within ourselves in our lifetime which is the accumulation of many input/stresses.


Accurate functional sensory neurological testing

  • Forebrain (telencephalon cortex and basal ganglia)
  • Diencephalon (thalamus/hypothalamus)
  • Cerebellum vermis and cerebellar hemispheres
  • Hindbrain mesencephalon (midbrain)
  • Pons
  • Medulla oblongata
static1.squarespace“Man possesses a potential for recovery through the innate intelligence of the human structure. This recovery potential with which he is endowed merely waits for your hand, your heart, and your mind to bring it to potential being and allow the recovery to take place which is man’s natural heritage. It benefits man, it benefits you, and it benefits our profession. Do it, do it with knowledge, do it with physiological facts, do it with predictable certainty, do it because it has to be done, and we as a profession are the only ones who can do it effectively.”
Dr George Goodheart D.C.