Sport Programme

Advanced Chiropractic Sport Programme with Fitness Status

Many people think of Health and Fitness in absolute terms – either they are fit and healthy, or they are unfit and unhealthy. However, many fit people are unhealthy, and too many healthy people are just not fit.

Health and fitness have two separate meanings

Health is a state where all the systems of the body: Nervous, Muscular, Skeletal, Digestive, Lymphatic , Hormonal, metabolic etc. are working in optimum which is HOMEOSTASIS. Fitness is the physical ability to perform athletic activity. Health and fitness can be built and maintained through proper exercise, chiropractic care, proper nutrition, rest. Appropriate procedures are necessary to attain a high level of efficiency with exercise, thereby avoiding the pain and frustration of injury and ill health. If a disability occurs, it’s an indication of:

  • Improper function, whether structural, biochemical, and/ or mental;
  • Poor exercise habits, which are often due to aerobic deficiency and or anaerobic excess;
  • Poor exercise techniques, which may even occur in competitive training.
  • The need to address neurological pathways: (coordination, visual centres, reflexes, proprioception…) and the biochemistry of the emotions as well as bridging the gap between the mind and the subconscious body functions (vegetative nervous system).

The athletes will be assessed on their scale of health, scale of fitness, scale of mental focus-concentration and awareness.